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"OBERON-ALPHA" company produces and sells powerful stun guns that are used to protect civilians, and are also in service with the power structures of the Russian Federation. Our company is a licensed developer of protective equipment and weapons, we have the necessary certificates for all types of goods offered.

On our website https://npp-oberon.ru/eng/info/ (stun gun weapon) you can find an assortment of goods manufactured by "OBERON-ALPHA". We offer:

- Powerful stun guns with removable cartridges for the police;
- stun guns, batons, light-noise modules, panels for suppressing riots;
- stun devices for civilians;
- protective high-voltage barriers.

We are engaged in individual development of stun guns and other means of active protection. Our stun guns are used by police officers, special forces fighters. Electroshock devices can repel the attack of an attacker or group of people, they are suitable for effective self-defense, while not harming the attacker. You can order law enforcement taser or any other version of the stun device from us.

"OBERON-ALPHA" civilian stun guns have a powerful charge and can neutralize a person if he is aggressive. Our stun guns are reliable, they allow you to act on the object at a distance, charging enough for a long time. We offer the following models of civilian stun guns:
- stun gun PHANTOM 26W;
- stun gun SN ZEUS KD.AAA.

They are small in size, lie comfortably in the hand, have sufficient power, fully perform their functions. The site provides current prices for all types of stun guns.

In our company you can order police special equipment, as well as civilian stun guns at a reasonable price. The offered goods comply with the standards; their delivery is carried out throughout Russia. The site provides contact information that may be needed for the order.

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